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Amy makes a worrying call in EastEnders after finding out about Denise and Ravi's affair

As Jack runs over to check on Amy, has she hurt herself again?

As she struggles to deal with recent revelations, Amy pulls a sickie and secretly drinks whilst Denise stays home to look after her. Tipsy, Amy acts out to Denise, which prompts Chelsea to suggest that she’s drinking.

After Denise discovers the evidence, a furious row ensues as Amy reveals she knows about Denise and Ravi’s affair! How will Denise respond?

Meanwhile, a smitten Ravi convinces Chelsea to attend Nish’s party with him, by buying her a designer dress that has Felix and Bernie swooning. When she arrives, he introduces her as his girlfriend.

Downplaying her actions, Denise tells Jack what’s been going on with Ravi. But when he soon realises the true extent of her deceit, Jack furiously storms through the Square to confront Ravi and all hell breaks loose.

When Ravi arrives to see Chelsea and attempts to make amends, Chelsea orders him out of her life.

Following her chat with Denise, things go from bad to worse for Amy, prompting a later run-in with Denzel and Nugget. Struggling to contain her panic, Amy tries to reach out to a consumed Chelsea. Instead, she lashes out at Amy for not telling her about the affair.

With emotions boiling over, it's not long before Amy trashes her bedroom and smashes the mirror.

Having received a worried call from Amy, Lily frantically hammers on the door of No.27 which alerts Jack who finds a distraught Amy. Worried, Jack demands to know if she’s hurt herself.

After realising he’s gone too far, Jack calls Denise and the trio have a heart-to-heart, convincing Amy that she isn’t to blame.

EastEnders continues Mondays to Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One


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