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Amy pieces together the night before in Corrie

Can Aaron convince Amy not to tell Summer that they slept together?

Whilst Amy wakes up hungover, with no memory of how she got into bed, a hungover Aaron feels wretched in the garage.

As they both meet up for lunch at Speed Daal, Aaron tells Amy that he too is struggling, that things went too far and that they shouldn't have slept together. And Amy reels in shock from the enormity of his revelation.

Having made up with Summer, Aaron catches up with Amy on the street and begs her to forget about their drunken sex. When Amy asserts that she was far too drunk to consent, Aaron goes all out to convince Amy that she wanted sex as much as he did and that they’re equally responsible for what happened, but Amy knows he’s lying.

The next morning, having had an awful night's sleep, Amy misses her lecture and Steve worries about Amy.

Unable to come up with an excuse, Amy agrees to meet Summer for a drink, but when she realises Aaron is there too and has invited a mate, she makes her excuses and leaves.

When Summer reveals that she’s hoping to go to Manchester University to be near Aaron, Amy bristles and advises her to look further afield, leaving Summer bemused.

Making out he was as drunk as she was, Aaron begs Amy not to tell Summer that they slept together.

Coronation Street continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV1


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