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Amy puts the truth about Aaron out there for everyone to read in Corrie

When Eric threatens to sue, will Steve and Tracy risk everything to help Amy?

Spotting Mia at the garage, Amy tells her that Aaron raped her and she's shocked, accusing Amy of making the whole thing up. But Amy assures Abi that she’s telling the truth.

Later, Mia confronts Aaron over Amy’s rape allegation and he explains that they slept together once, Amy cried rape but then changed her mind and the police dropped the case. And Mia is appalled to think Amy’s dragging Aaron’s name through the mud.

Calling at No.1, DS Swain tells Amy that a serious allegation of harassment has been made against her.

Furious at the injustice of her situation, Amy sets about writing up her whole dreadful ordeal. After Steve encourages her to post her document about Aaron on social media, Amy posts it online.

The following day at the garage, Abi and Tyrone tell Aaron that they’ve read Amy’s online post and he can find himself another job.

Vowing to make Amy pay, Eric calls at No.1 and announces that he’s suing Amy for libel.

When Amy receives a letter from Eric’s solicitor ordering her to take down her post or they’ll sue, Steve advises her to stick to her guns. When Dee-Dee warns them that a libel case could end up costing them a fortune, Tracy’s adamant that they’ll fight it all the way.

Whilst Steve and Tracy realise they’ll have to sell their businesses to fund the legal fees, Eric and Aaron meet up with their solicitor who warns them of the risks of taking the case to Court. Pushing ahead, Tracy arranges for a valuation on the florists.

Coronation Street continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV1

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