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Amy rushed to hospital in EastEnders as she continues to self-harm

And what will Denzel say when Amy asks if they can get back together?

At No.26, as Jack tries to find out if he will lose his job, there's a tense atmosphere and Amy feels guilty about reporting his attack on Denzel, but Denise tries to reassure her.

When Jack asks a hostile Howie to allow Denzel and Amy to hang out again, he gets shut down. As Kim insists that Howie must start building bridges with Jack, he voices his concerns and at The Vic, Jack and Denise convince Howie that Amy is getting lots of adult support so he agrees to let Denzel see her.

Finding Amy in the café, Denzel and her have a heart-to-heart until their chat is interrupted by Nugget who mistakenly tells Amy that Jack has been fired.

At home, a distraught Amy self-harms and Jack gets a call to say Amy missed her therapy session. As he and Denise rush outside, they see an ambulance loading Amy in and as they leave, Jack promises her that everything will be OK.

At the hospital, a guilt-ridden Jack is at Amy’s bedside and the nurse tells him and Denise that Amy must see a psychiatrist before being discharged. When Amy stirs, Jack is overcome with emotion as he tells her that he can't lose her.

Meanwhile, Sam has a go at Kim, Howie and Chelsea over Ricky Jnr having to deal with Amy’s accident alone.

When he's called into work, Denise insists to Jack that he goes, whilst she stays with Amy. Later, Jack arrives home with no news about his job and when Denise fills him in on Sam’s outburst, he tries to find Ricky Jnr to comfort him, but he'd rather spend time with his mum.

Reaching out to Amy, Denzel and her meet and during an emotional chat, Amy asks if they can get back together. What will Denzel's answer be?

The next day, everyone is relieved when Jack gets the news that he’s to be reinstated at work and Kim decides to bring the family together by throwing a surprise dinner.

However, Denise and Jack are horrified to find Kim’s chaos in their home and worry Amy will struggle with having everyone here, especially Denzel. And a tactless moment from Kim sees Amy storm off!

When Jack asks to delay his return to work so he can be with Amy, Denise thinks it’s a mistake to smother her and she's hurt and angry when Jack later forgets to pick up Raymond.

Wanting him to go with her to Whitney's party, Jack declines as he wants to stay with Amy and Denise heads off and sets about getting drunk to forget their problems.

EastEnders continues Mondays to Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One


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