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Amy's visit puts Matty in danger after she mistakes Robbo for Les in Emmerdale

How will Robbo react to Matty being trans?


Having established that Les, his cellmate, has accepted him as a trans man, Matty is feeling slightly more hopeful and happy to relay this to Amy when she visits.

Delighted to hear they have a new solicitor, Matty is left hopeful he could be out of prison soon.

As visiting time ends, Amy’s glad Matty is more positive and as she watches him go, is approached by Robbo, who she mistakes for Les. Unfortunately Robbo’s sympathetic front gets the truth about Matty from Amy, who is oblivious to the danger she has now put her husband in.

Matty returns to his cell as Les leaves to see his solicitor, once he’s gone, Robbo arrives into the cramped cell and Matty’s blood runs cold to discover this thug has spoken to his wife.

Meanwhile, an upbeat Amy arrives home to tell them about Matty’s positive attitude whilst her husband is trapped in his cell and terrified when Robbo reveals he’s learnt the truth and the menacing transphobe closes in on him.

Emmerdale continues Mondays to Fridays at 7.30pm on ITV1


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