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Amy worries about Theo's ulterior motive in EastEnders after buying Lily new trainers

How will Theo react when confronted?

When Jean and Theo go with Freddie to his appointment with the psychiatrist to discuss his ADHD assessment, Jean worries that Freddie isn't expressing his true feelings about being diagnosed with ADHD. But he dismisses it as 'just a label'.

Meanwhile, at the Slater house, Stacey has to say 'no' to Lily when she asks for new trainers and she also gets into Freddie's bad books with an insensitive comment about his dreams of going to university.

Stepping in to ease the situation, Theo talks to Freddie. But later, he upsets Stacey by presenting Lily with the trainers she wanted, courtesy of his mate, who owns a sports shop.

Despite Stacey telling him that Lily can't have them as it'd be unfair on the other kids, Theo gives them to Lily anyway.

Showing off her new trainers to her friends, Amy is concerned and tells her to be careful that Theo hasn't got an ulterior motive. But when Lily asks Theo directly about his intentions, he's quick to shut down her fears.

When Amy tells Stacey about the older guy who bought Lily trainers, she goes nuts and confronts Lily who offers an innocent explanation. Later, Stacey catches up with Theo to discuss the trainers, and there's tension between them.

EastEnders continues Mondays to Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One


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