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An emotional Krista says goodbye to her baby in Neighbours

Can she fight off the temptation to use again?


Krista is emotional as the day of Hope’s memorial arrives and it’s a genuine battle not to fall off the wagon, but the service conducted by Paul and attended by a small gathering of close friends is the perfect send-off for her baby. Amongst all the grief, Krista manages to find a small moment of peace.

Meanwhile, feeling too guilty to attend Hope's memorial, Chelsea tells Paul that she’ll support him by manning the fort at the hotel instead. Whilst there, she learns that Paul has commissioned a report into the software glitch that allegedly locked the sauna door and ultimately caused Krista’s baby to be stillborn.

When the man delivering the report, Jeffrey Swan, later reveals to Chelsea that she is directly implicated, already fearful that Paul is losing interest in her, Chelsea knows this report will end their relationship, and rather than let that happen, Chelsea makes an indecent proposal to Jeffrey in return for doctoring the report to clear her of any wrongdoing.

After seducing Jeffrey, Chelsea is satisfied, but sours when she sees Paul and Terese talking closely and when Paul asks if Chelsea’s seen a report from their IT provider, ahe feigns indifference and offers to chase it up.

As Paul continues to go over and above in helping Terese, Chelsea is left feeling increasingly on the outer, wondering what her position actually is in Paul’s life.

Following her baby's ceremony and in the wake of losing David, Krista admits to Leo that she's proud of herself for staying sober and becomes emotional when she receives Hope's footprints as a memento.

But that night, Krista receives stumbles across Byron’s prescription painkillers and after such upheaval, can Krista fight off the temptation to use again?

Neighbours continues Mondays to Thursdays on Amazon Freevee


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