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An explosion threatens the lives of many Hollyoaks residents during hospital fundraiser

As drastic decisions are made, love is rekindled and guilt sets in. But who was responsible?

It's a huge week ahead for Hollyoaks as an explosive run of episodes promises to kick 2022 off with a bang!

On Monday, a chilling flashback reveals the turmoil that is in store for the Hollyoaks residents and perhaps, a few clues under the rubble.

Ten hours earlier, Marnie recruits Romeo and Juliet to help with her Dee-Valley fundraiser but Juliet’s got other things on her mind. When she asks big brother James for help, will he be as supportive as she hoped?

Meanwhile, Maya seemingly sets aside her bitterness about Ethan’s betrayal. But things aren’t as they seem as Maya has more suspicions and a trick up her sleeve. When her suspicions are proved correct, Maya takes action, resulting in booming consequences.

Elsewhere, Goldie has a lot to answer for as Prince struggles with Olivia’s revelation. But where does this leave him and Olivia? And when John-Paul later gives Prince a gift, could this be another piece of the puzzle?

On Tuesday, another flashback episode continues to reap the events that lead to a boom for the village.

As she prepares the celebrations for Nana coming home, Mercedes is in her element, but as she deals with out of stock Lambrusco, Bobby struggles to get a word in. Stressed by his secrets, Bobby panics the McQueens as he decides to hide from his problems.

Amongst the chaos, Sylver makes the heart-breaking decision to leave the village and his family behind.

Deciding not to give up, Toby prepares for another psychological evaluation, but any good news is quickly overshadowed as Saul confronts him with his final verdict. And later, as the Devereaux’s gather to celebrate, Toby readies himself to make a shattering revelation, but something catastrophic stops him in his tracks.

Meanwhile, Yazz puts her foot in it and reveals Juliet’s plans to Peri, But is Peri hearing the wedding bells too? And elsewhere, Maxine has a proposal for Scott. Will it put the skip back in his step?

In Wednesday's shocking hour-long episode, an explosion threatens the lives of many Hollyoaks residents’ during a fundraising event as sparks fly and love is rekindled.

Marnie announces the commencement of the Dee Valley Heroes fundraiser at the Salon De The to her guests, including Martine, Cleo, Toby, Celeste, Peri, Romeo, Cher, Mercedes, Juliet, and Jack.

As a shock explosion rips through the building, many lives are at risk and amongst the chaos, Toby has a big announcement and his close bond with sister Celeste shines through. In powerful scenes, they get their comeuppance for Lisa Loveday’s murder.

Upstairs, in a life-threatening situation, Peri realises what she truly wants, but is she too late?

Elsewhere, the McQueens show just how much they stick together when Mercedes saves Cher’s life. When they realise one of their own is still in the building, a heroic act is made, but a shocking lie has a deadly cost.

Meanwhile, Ethan catches up with Maya, as the relationship between the star-crossed lovers ends in a bang and there's a glimpse of romance in the rubble between Marnie and Jack after they are confined together.

It's a tragic day in the village on Thursday as the previous night’s events shake several of Hollyoaks’ families.

At home, guilt overwhelms Ollie as he fears that he and Becky might have been responsible. Meanwhile, Zara is determined to put an end to their relationship, but Becky uses flattery to employ Cindy to change Zara’s mind.

Meanwhile, as one of the McQueens is missing, Mercedes’ worst fears come true and a chilling flashback reveals the sinister truth.

Also, Martine has to break some devastating news to Felix. But the circumstances make them cruel and they exchange some hateful words. Meanwhile, Saul is still loyal to his own agenda.

Elsewhere, Juliet is taken in for emergency surgery and the worry makes Marnie lash out at James for how he reacted to her proposal plans. Later, Marnie is out of sorts as she has some kind words for Donna-Marie and tragedy strikes for the Nightingales.

On Friday, Sally tries to keep busy and is the driving force behind the community hub as she encourages Jack to participate. Meanwhile, Nancy questions whether Maya was behind the tragedy.

Whilst Becky tries to soothe Ollie’s worries, he can’t seem to stop himself from reading the articles around Hollyoaks’ tragedies and when Zara asks him to help with the Community Hub, he sees an opportunity to get ahead of the police’s investigation. But will they be able to save themselves?

Meanwhile, Cher discovers some tickets that Mercedes has bought for an event in Manchester and tries to change her mind about taking a trip. But even with John-Paul agreeing, will Mercedes actually listen?

Whilst his family worry about his whereabouts, James is out for vengeance and demands answers from DS Cohen. His anger soon turns on his own family as he shares some harsh words with Donna- Marie and later, a video reveals a possible culprit. How far will James go to make them pay?

Elsewhere, Martine and Felix’s relationship remains strained and Martine makes a drastic decision.

Hollyoaks continues Mondays - Fridays at 6.30pm on Channel 4


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