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Andrew and Sadie walk in on Wendy's secret party in Neighbours

But how much of her secret life will be revealed?


Wendy finds herself in a pickle when Parker reports that the venue for the traffic light party has been canned and asks to move the party to Wendy’s place.

Despite Cara warning her it’s not a good idea, Wendy’s party animal side wins out and after wrangling a couple of logistical hurdles, like getting Andrew and Sadie out of the house, Wendy gleefully lets Parker know that her ‘housemates’ are on board.

With the party at hers given a green light, Wendy's plan is fully in motion and she sees off Andrew and Sadie to a fishing trip and a music festival respectively.

Having hidden all evidence of her family, Wendy is grateful when Parker and Quinn arrive early to help her set up, oblivious to Quinn’s increasing affections.

When the party kicks off in an unexpectedly big way, a stressed Wendy struggles to enjoy it, until Quinn urges her to join the fun and let Wild Wendy loose.

But when both Andrew and Sadie have their plans cancelled, they return home early to discover the house party, and Wild Wendy, in full swing. What will happen when Wendy’s secret life and her real life come face to face?

In the aftermath of being busted hosting a secret house party, Wendy goes into damage control and Andrew is mostly amused by the situation, especially once Wendy reveals her classmates think she’s much younger.

Whilst Sadie is almost a little happy that her mum has found her people at uni, neither Andrew or Sadie realise the full extent of Wendy’s double life, that her uni crew thought she was single and childless.

Despite promising Andrew there will be no more secrets, Wendy covers up the scale of things, worried that it will only hurt him.

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