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April accidentally reveals to Gus that Rhona’s pleading not guilty in Emmerdale

When Gus comes up with a compromise, will Rhona agree to his deal?


Marlon is supportive of Rhona, but it's clear that the looming court case is affecting them both. As April continues to struggle and unable to face branding herself a criminal, Rhona tells a worried Mary and Marlon in the Café that she intends to plead not guilty at her trial.

Catching April worrying about what will happen to Rhona, Amelia is concerned when April gets on the wrong bus and admits she’s not going to school.

Confident and determined, April arrives at a shocked Gus’s house to speak to him. Inside, she begs Gus to tell the police Rhona is innocent, but is caught on the back foot when she accidentally reveals Rhona’s pleading not guilty.

Dropping April back off outside Smithy, Gus is furious that Rhona has pleaded not guilty and gets defensive when Rhona moves to see Ivy.

As a scuffle with Marlon ensues, Gus falls on the floor injured. When Gus rejects Marlon's apology for knocking him over, an upset April runs off.

Later, a reluctant Rhona is stunned when Gus offers her a compromise, where both of them change their statements and work towards not guilty verdicts.

Soon, Gus suggests he could give Rhona access to Ivy and cancel the house sale and puts it all on the line for the sake of the kids, leaving Rhona with a decision to make.

Emmerdale continues Mondays to Fridays at 7.30pm on ITV1


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