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April finally pays Marlon a visit in prison in Emmerdale

And he's reassured by her determination to free him.

When April arrives at the prison to see Marlon, she's determined to be brave and puts on a huge grin when Marlon joins her in the visitor's room.

Excited to tell him about the campaign she and Mandy have been working on, April's determination inspires Marlon as he's reassured that she'll get him out.

But when she leaves the room, April bursts into tears and she's not alone as Marlon - back in his cell - also gets emotional after a guard hands him a ‘Free Marlon’ flyer.

And when Rhona visits him the next day, she blurts out her suspicions about Kim and Al which is enough to convince Marlon that her theory is correct.


These episodes of Emmerdale will air Monday 10th - Friday 14th February at 7pm with an extra episode on Thursday at 8pm on ITV


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