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April locks herself away in Emmerdale as trolling continues

And Marlon becomes desperate as he admits to struggling financially.

After receiving a bad review, Marlon's determined to prove them wrong as they plan to return to the pub today.

Unfortunately, his attempts to impress are soon thwarted and April forces a smile for Bob and Marlon as she opens her birthday cards, before admitting to Cathy she’s terrified to be at home.

Opening a typed card from her troll, April realises they're getting closer and her despair escalates. And as her celebrations get underway, we see April furiously respond to an online troll.

The bill for April’s party turns out to be more than Marlon was expecting, and his card is declined. Poor Marlon’s a man on the edge.

Meanwhile, April receives countless abusive messages and comes to regret retaliating. Locking herself away, April is terrified of the troll turning up on her doorstep. And when Marlon admits the extent of his financial problems, Paddy is thrown. And Marlon begs him not to say anything to Chas.

Emmerdale continues weeknights at 7pm and Thursdays at 8pm on ITV


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