Ardal O'Hanlon Announces Brand New UK Tour for 2019

His brand new show, The Showing Off Must Go On will fun for 47 dates and begins in February in Leicester before concluding in December 2019 in Southend.

Star of Death in Paradise, Father Ted and My Hero, Ardal O’Hanlon, comes from a small-town in Ireland where there is nothing worse than showing off. Yet he is a professional ‘show-off’ who continues to do stand-up comedy for money, a very shy show-off (and as a result conflicted) but a big show-off nonetheless (a disgrace to his family). So why does he do it? 

Well. Just when he thought he’d made sense of the world, when he thought he knew everything he needed to know. When he finally found a hat that he liked and learned how to make cocktails and how to relax sagaciously in a big chair. Just when he was about to quit airing his dirty linen in public and stop (for the love of God) showing off, the world shifted. Dramatically. The world fell off its axis. And is adrift in the universe. And needs saving.