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As Cleo relapses, Toby plans his exit from Hollyoaks

Will Toby bid farewell to the village for good?

On a mission to bring Pete to justice, Cleo manages to find his contact details, but Toby isn’t feeling optimistic about her plans.

When Toby discovers that she has been lying about going to work, he confronts her and finds out that her bulimia is relapsing. And they have another disagreement as she continues to obsess over Pete.

In secret, Cleo makes a drastic decision and when Toby makes a shocking discovery, he rushes to find Cleo, but is he too late? How far has she gone?

As he plans to leave the village, Toby pens a letter to his mum about why he must leave but keeps his decision a secret from his sister, Celeste. But will he bid farewell to the village for good?

Meanwhile, Nana talks to Cleo after finding her amid a bunch of chocolate wrappers, following a tragic relapse. As they discuss their haunting pasts, Nana reassures her that she’s not alone and makes sure that she won't be let down again…

Elsewhere, Celeste wants to form a new path in life and tries to persuade James to give her a job at Dee Valley Law Firm. But will he take a chance on her?

Hollyoaks continues Mondays - Fridays at 6.30pm on Channel 4


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