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As Lucas pretends to be 'Jordan', could Karen be Lucas' next victim in EastEnders ?

And will he finally get the upper hand on daughter Chelsea?

When Jack explains that Chelsea propositioned him and also blackmailed him, things get tense and Denise confronts her daughter about her betrayal and is surprised to find her daughter indifferent, blaming her parents for her actions. Running into Lucas, Denise updates him.

Later, a terrified Chelsea tearfully tells her dad that if Jack had blown the drug smuggling plan, she’d be dead. Not realising he's being played again, Lucas promises Chelsea a better life.

After Karen flirts suggestively with him at the Laundrette, Lucas overhears Chelsea arguing with Jack, insisting that Jack can’t resist her. When Lucas accuses Chelsea of bullying Jack, she reminds him that Caleb will kill her if the job goes wrong.

With Lucas unable to believe how easily Chelsea lied, she tells him that after Monday, they don't have to ever see each other again. And when Lucas later asks for Karen’s name, she invites him for a drink tomorrow night. Happily obliging, he introduces himself as Jordan.

As Bernie and Mitch question an excited Karen about her date with mystery man ‘Jordan’, they ask her for a picture. And on their date, Karen sneakily snaps a picture whilst Lucas’ back is turned and sends it to the family chat. How will they react when they see who it is?

Following Lucas, Denise orders him to do as Chelsea says and get the job done so that it'll all be over.

After declining an offer of a job and a flat in Newcastle, Lucas tells his probation worker that he wants to stay with his family.

Posing as 'Jordan' at a job interview, Lucas is being interviewed by Caleb who knows Lucas is Chelsea's dad and insults her.

When Lucas loses his cool, Caleb explains that he’s not the one that can’t be trusted and he’d better be at ‘work’ on Monday or else.

Later at home, having been told everything by Caleb, Chelsea is furious and Lucas has no choice but to agree to do the job. But only if Chelsea does something for him in return, visit church. What has Lucas got planned?

EastEnders continues Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays on BBC One

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