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As news of Gavin's death reaches Kathy and Sharon in EastEnders, who is Zack Hudson?

And Kim throws Sharon a leaving party as she says goodbye to The Vic?

After receiving an earlier phone call, Kathy tells Ben at the café that Gavin is dead and that there's a memorial service this afternoon. With Kathy thinking of going, Ben can't believe it, leaving her feeling conflicted.

Over at The Vic Sharon’s found a new place to live as Mick and Linda’s flat has come back onto the market and Kathy arrives, dropping the bombshell that Gavin has passed away.

After asking how she died, Sharon is shocked to realise that Kathy is planning to go to his memorial service, conceding that he can rot in hell. When Callum’s comments about his own dad hit home, Sharon finds Kathy and they head off to Gavin's wake together. Not able to help herself, Kathy brings up Ian, pushing Sharon to tell the truth.

However, they're interrupted when Zack makes a scathing toast to Gavin, leaving everyone fuming. As Zack dashes out, Sharon shows Kathy she’s taken Gavin’s urn and tosses the contents into a bin.

After they find Zack hiding out in their car, Kathy wonders how he knew Gavin but as Zack checks the coast is clear, he leaves.

As an emotional Sharon starts packing things up in The Vic, Kim asks Kathy if she’ll cater Sharon’s leaving do.

Despite her earlier protests, Sharon comes round to Kim's leaving party idea, admitting that she feels lonely and Kim starts prepping The Vic for Sharon’s party, sponsored by Foxcatcher!

At the unexpectedly quiet party, Kim’s busy trying to sign up people for her dating services and is later forced to admit to Sharon that she put the wrong date on the invites. But Sharon isn’t offended, finding it hard to say goodbye to The Vic again.

EastEnders continues Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays on BBC One


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