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As the Platts say goodbye to No.8, Ray's cash troubles mount up in Corrie

But will he still be able to complete as planned?

Chucking Ray out of the back of his van, Mick tells him he has 24 hours to find the money for the house sales. And when Debbie reminds him that they're completing No's 4 and 6 today, she also tells him that he’d better have the cash.

After assuring her he's on it, Ray meets with Susan - Chairperson of the planning committee - who tells him that she wants £20,000 or she'll reveal how he bribed. And Debbie is later left fuming when Ray tells her that he's had to use the money earmarked for No.4 and No.6 to pay off Mick and another bung to Susan.

Meanwhile at No.8, it's the end of an era for the Platts as David, Shona and Gail pack up the house, dreading their move. When Gail confides in Nick that she’s too old to be slumming it on a rough council estate, will Nick cave and invite her to move in with him and Sam?

As the heartbroken Platts move out of No.8, Alya tells David about Ray’s cash flow problem. David finds Ray and Debbie mid-row but when he threatens to stay put at No.8, Ray menacingly asserts that he’ll have him thrown out.

Things go from bad to worse for Ray as in a bid to try and stop the house sales falling through, he calls the bank.

And as Alya helps Yasmeen with the last of her things, a call from the solicitor advises that there’s been a delay as Ray’s funds haven’t cleared. Asserting that until she sees the colour of Ray’s money she's going nowhere, Yasmeen won’t let him bully her like Geoff did. Alya’s delighted to see a glimpse of her old Gran.

Corrie continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7.30pm and 8.30pm on ITV

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