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As Tina is laid to rest in EastEnders, Mick makes things official with Janine

How will Linda react?

As the Carters prepare for Tina’s funeral, a solemn atmosphere hangs over the Square and at The Vic, Mick gets a shock when Linda turns up and the pair quickly begin to bicker about everything. And things get worse for Linda when Nancy gives her the cold shoulder.

At the crematorium, a tearful Shirley shares a touching eulogy but Linda is distracted by Janine’s presence and recognises her as the person who told her to divorce Mick.

As Mick begins his eulogy, he's overwhelmed with emotion and when Linda fails to support him, Janine rushes to comfort him. With her blood boiling, an embarrassed Linda storms out and has a confrontation with Nancy.

Alone with a mix of intense emotions, Linda begins to drink and drunkenly causes a scene at the crematorium as she rages at the Carters about Janine and Shirley furiously tells her she's not welcome at the wake.

Back at The Vic, Shirley gives Janine her respect for supporting Mick but warns her not to cross a line.

When Sharon spots a very drunk Linda storming over to The Vic, she intercepts her and invites her back to hers. Before Sharon has a chance to explain that she needs a game plan to fight Janine, Linda rushes over to The Vic and confronts Janine for telling her to divorce Mick.

Later, Mick thanks Janine for all her support and the pair kiss, but tells Janine he wants to do this correctly and wants to finalise the divorce with Linda before they can be together.

And when Frankie catches Janine and Mick almost kissing, a flustered Mick does his best to hide what was happening.

When Janine tells Sonia about Mick, she's shocked and warns her that Mick and Linda are made for each other. With Sonia’s words on her mind, Janine ends things with Mick.

Meanwhile, after the drama with Linda, Nancy tells Zack to back off but later when she's left devastated by Linda’s actions, Nancy pours her heart out to Zack who misses his cooking competition to support her.

Later, upset with Zack for not telling her that Linda slept at Sharon’s, Nancy feels guilty when she later learns that he missed his competition for her and tries to make it up to him, with a a proposition.

Back at The Vic, a hungover Linda arrives to speak to Mick forcing Frankie to cover but when Linda starts to drink, the situation gets out of hand and Linda shares some harsh words with Frankie.

Overhearing the commotion, Mick snaps at Linda, putting his foot down. Enough is enough. Outside, Mick tells Janine it’s definitely over with him and Linda and kisses her in public for all to see, including Sharon.

Shirley believes there are intruders in The Vic but discovers it’s just Mick and Janine who have been up talking all night.

As Nancy and Shirley share their disapproval that Mick and Janine are together, Mick makes it clear he doesn’t care and later suggests to Janine they go away for a few days together. She convinces him to break the news to Linda that they’re an item.

When Mick plucks up the courage to tell Linda, how will Linda react?

EastEnders continues Mondays to Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One


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