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Asha declares her feelings for Nina as she helps her with Seb's memorial garden

But how will Nina react? And when the garden is ransacked, who's responsible?

Calling at the cafe, Asha offers to help with the fundraising for Seb’s memorial garden and Nina is touched, and glad that they're friends again.

As Asha sets about getting donations to impress Nina, she dupes Dev into giving a large donation by playing him off against Debbie.

When Asha reveals that she sold her new laptop to raise money for Seb’s fund, Dev’s annoyed and suspects she still has feelings for Nina.

After watching Ed, Paul, Nina and Asha beavering away in the memorial garden, Abi confesses to Bernie in the cafe that she can't see the point in a garden for Seb as he knew nothing about gardening and it’s merely virtue signalling as far as she’s concerned.

When Abi sees the huge mural of Seb that Nina’s painted on the wall of the memorial garden, she’s horrified and finds it deeply insulting.

Nina is shocked when Dev reveals that most of the money came from the sale of Asha’s laptop and confronts Asha who admits that she still has feelings for her. How will Nina react?

Later, Nina and Roy discover that the memorial garden has been ransacked and are appalled that someone could do such a thing. Devastated, Nina accuses Asha but has she got it wrong?

Coronation Street continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7.30pm and 8.30pm on ITV


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