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Asha dumps Corey for Nina in Corrie

But is she moving too fast?

When Corey arrives at the cafe during Asha's first trial shift, he asks her to hear him out as she spells it out to him that their relationship is over and he's dumped. As Nina applauds, Corey shoots her daggers.

As the girls tidy the cafe, Asha lists all the mistakes she’s made in her life, including Corey. And as Nina gazes tenderly at her friend, Asha and Nina freeze when Roy enters the cafe. Oblivious to the charged atmosphere, he confirms that Asha’s got the job, leaving Nina and Asha thrilled.

Later on in the week, calling into the cafe, Asha suggests to Nina that they meet up later in Victoria Garden and Nina tells her it’s a date.

When Dev returns home to find Asha dressed up to the nines, he assumes she’s got a date with a boy. And he's left poleaxed when Asha reveals that her date is actually Nina!

Inviting Nina to No.7 for tea, Asha assures her that Dev will be cool with it. And when Dev tells Roy of Asha and Nina’s burgeoning relationship, he's unfazed and reckons Dev should be flattered that Asha felt able to share something so personal with him.

Later, Dev does his best to make Nina feel welcome at No.7.

Elsewhere, Aadi runs some business ideas past Dev and he's quietly impressed by his suggestion to offer grocery deliveries to compliment their fast food service.

And when Aadi announces that he’ll be conducting her performance review at lunchtime, Evelyn’s seriously unimpressed and Dev warns his son not to wind her up.

Corrie continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7.30pm and 8.30pm on ITV

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