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Ashley Storrie to star in new BBC Three and BBC Scotland comedy Dinosaur

Created by Matilda Curtis and Ashley Storrie, Dinosaur follows Nina, an autistic woman in her 30s.

Ashley Storrie stars in this brand new six-part comedy Dinosaur, as Nina, an autistic woman in her 30s who adores her life living with her sister and best friend Evie.

Yet when Evie rushes into an engagement after only six weeks and makes Nina her maid of honour, Nina is floored. Forced to reconcile with her sister’s impulsive decision, Nina grapples with what this new challenge means, leading to a surprising journey of self-discovery.

Speaking about Dinosaur, Head of Commissioning for BBC Scotland, Louise Thornton, said "We’re thrilled to be working with our network colleagues and Hulu to bring this original comedy script to life. BBC Scotland has been supporting Ashley on her broadcasting journey for a number of years now with a variety of projects and we’re delighted to see her now taking a leading role in both a performance and writing capacity alongside Matilda."

"This series is another example of BBC Scotland’s commitment to developing Scottish talent and bringing it to mainstream audiences both across the UK and internationally. It’s an exciting project and we can’t wait to see it hit the screens."

To which Executive Producers Sarah Hammond and Daniel Walker for Two Brothers Pictures added "We are so excited to be bringing this wonderful series to life with the BBC and Hulu. It is a joyful and hilarious comedy full of heart with a fresh perspective. Matilda and Ashley tell a heartfelt love story between two sisters that holds a mirror up to the inconsistencies of the neurotypical world. We can’t wait for Nina’s story to develop on screen."

Produced by Two Brothers Pictures, Dinosaur has been created by Matilda Curtis and Ashley Storrie and is based on an original idea by Matilda who is working alongside neurodiverse writers including Ashley Storrie.

Dinosaur will be directed by Niamh McKeown, produced by Brian Coffey, executive produced by Sarah Hammond, Daniel Walker, Harry Williams, Jack Williams, with Catriona Renton as Co-Executive Producer.

Dinosaur will air on BBC Two and BBC Scotland


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