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Audrey's birthday celebrations in Corrie end with a car crash

Are the Platts right to stage an intervention?

Still deeply hurt by Rita’s disloyalty, Audrey accuses Gail, Claudia et al of laughing at her behind her back.

As she explains her feelings of redundancy to Shona, Audrey is touched by her words of comfort.

To lift Audrey's spirits, Gail plots a surprise belated birthday meal and invites Rita. However, Audrey is underwhelmed to find only Gail, Sarah and David at her birthday meal.

Having refused a drink, claiming they regard her as an old lush, Audrey’s offended by her old-lady gifts and snaps at Gail for remarking on her squinting to read.

When Rita then turns up wanting to bury the hatchet, Audrey loses her temper and storms out and when she gets in her car, there's a loud crunch and Audrey is aghast as Gail reveals she’s reversed into Rita’s car!

With Rita furious with Audrey for denting her car, Audrey accuses Gail and Sarah of being ageist as they question her about the accident and wonder if she’s losing her faculties,

Later, meeting Rita in the cafe, Audrey apologises for damaging her car and offers to pay for the repairs but she takes offence when Rita suggests she maybe needs her eyes testing.

To get to the bottom of Audrey’s problem, Gail convinces David and Sarah to stage an intervention. Summoning Audrey to No.8, Gail hopes for a civilised discussion. But will she get her wish?

Refusing to be bullied into having an eye test, Audrey tells Gail in no uncertain terms that all her organs are in perfect working order.

Coronation Street continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7.30pm and 8.30pm on ITV


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