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Audrey's life hangs in the balance in Corrie as first-born Stephen returns to Weatherfield

Could his actions save her?

After Shona agrees to keep an eye on her, Audrey goes walkabout and Gail tracks her down to the Rovers where she tries to wrestle a bottle of red wine from her hand. Finally burying the hatchet, Audrey and Rita bury the hatchet and raise a toast to growing old disgracefully.

The next day, Rita finds Audrey in the Rovers, enjoying her first drink of the day and points out that she owns the barbers. After Rita suggests it's time she went back to work, David despairs as Audrey announces she's returning to work.

Cracking open the wine, Audrey flirts with Ryan who's in for a cut and David asserts it's time she went home, but as Audrey heads for her coat, she trips over the Thai elephant, sending her sprawling across the floor.

Arriving to find a tipsy Audrey playing table football with Ryan, Maria insists she go home but Audrey refuses. At her wit’s end, Gail tries to talk some sense into Audrey, but when she raises the subject of her drinking, Audrey hits the roof and announces she’s moving back home with immediate effect.

Meanwhile, at the barbers, Audrey staggers into the motorbike which falls and knocks her over as Audrey cries out for help.

Having spent the night in the barber's, Audrey lies motionless and when a passing Brian and Elaine hear a weak cry coming from inside, Brian hurries off to fetch help. Emerging from a taxi, Stephen Reid is shocked to find his mum barely conscious.

Calling a family meeting, the Platts discuss Audrey’s drink problem with Peter and as they debate his advice, Brian dashes in with the news that an ambulance is outside for Audrey, who’s in a bad way.

Stephen is furious with the family for failing to notice that Audrey was missing all night and as he leaves for the hospital in the ambulance with Audrey, Gail’s sick with guilt and worry

Coronation Street continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV


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