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Audrey throws Stephen into panic in Corrie as Gabrielle runs out of patience

Can Stephen get her Audrey's money?

As Jenny and Teddy arrange to meet up at the Bistro to discuss finding Leo, Stephen is worried and takes a photo of them together in the street.

Using Leo's phone, Stephen sends the photo to Teddy with a message telling him that a mate saw them and thought he might be interested and to never contact him again!

But to Stephen’s horror, Teddy says he is going to go to Canada to speak to Leo face to face. What will he do next?

Cornering Stephen, Gabrielle demands her money and he does his best to fob her off, but Gabrielle makes it clear she’s running out of patience.

Stephen can’t believe his luck when Audrey hands him her phone and asks him to turn off notifications as it is driving her mad. Meeting up with Gabrielle, he tells her that he’s expecting the mortgage broker to call on Audrey’s phone and needs her to pretend to be Audrey and that way she’ll get her money.

Convinced he is going to get the equity release money, Stephen tells Gail that he has decided it might be time for him to move on now Audrey is feeling better.

When Audrey and Sam suggest they could see the Northern Lights in Canada and stay in one of his properties to save money, Stephen is thrown into panic.

In a bid to scupper Audrey and Sam’s Canadian plans, Stephen convinces Gail that the weather is too harsh for them and they’d be better off in Norway on a cruise and he will book it.

Coronation Street continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV


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