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Avery passes away in EastEnders leaving behind a big secret

How will Felix and Finlay take the news?

Avery is desperate to go to an old restaurant that he and Mitch used to eat at when they were younger. But knowing Avery is too weak and doesn’t have long left, Mitch has another idea.

Later, Mitch leads Avery to the laundrette where he is surprised with a Caribbean-themed party. With the party in full swing and Tara at the helm, the brothers reminisce and Avery thanks Mitch for what he’s done. As Mitch talks to him, Avery passes away.

Reminding him they’re family, Karen and Harvey encourage Mitch to support Finlay and Felix. Taking them for lunch at Walford, Mitch listens as they discuss some expensive funeral plans.

In The Vic, Karen gives Mitch a letter she found from Avery and he makes a shocking discovery. As Finlay and Felix discuss extravagant funeral plans, Mitch debates how he should tell them.

As Mitch and Karen nervously tell Felix and Finlay what’s happened, they're both in denial about the news.

Later, Felix and Finlay join in the party at Peggy’s and get to know the locals.

EastEnders continues Mondays to Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One


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