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Bailey encourages real change during Climate Change week in EastEnders

Plus Corrie and Hollyoaks favourites also make an impact on Walford residents!

In the café, as Bailey tries to convince Karen to go vegan, Karen tries to persuade her to hold off for burger night. Listening in, Gray realises that Karen plans to go to the restaurant he works in and makes up a lie about how horrible it is.

On a mission to highlight climate change, Bailey stands outside Walford East, getting the residents to sign a petition for meat-free Mondays. Horrified, Peter tries to stop her, but the crowd are energised by Bailey.

As Climate Change week continues, Tiffany watches a clip of Coronation Street's Maria taking Tracy down with an epic rant about air pollution and Bailey's meat-free speech and boycotting of Walford East has gone viral! Leaving Peter seething.

Later that week, Kim reads an article online about Cindy from Hollyoaks and her upcycling of clothing and Peter's new stance on vegan products proves to be a hit,

But as Rocky encourages him to invest in his meat-free meat business, he tells Dotty that he got Peter to sign over £3k, but she's going to need more to help her mother... just as Sonia walks in! How much has she heard?

EastEnders continues Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays on BBC One


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