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Bailey finally returns home in EastEnders

But with the Taylors still struggling financially, will Bernie come clean about her plan?

With things going well between Molly and Bernie, Bernie is force to admit the truth about the Taylor’s financial woes and her surrogacy plan after Molly suggests they go on holiday together.

Taken aback, Molly wonders how Karen feels and realises Bernie hasn’t told her. As Bernie asks her to keep her secret, Molly asks her to forget the surrogacy for the sake of their relationship. Will she choose surrogacy over her new relationship?

Spotting Amy in the market, Denise is convinced that she is up to something and later spots her with Bailey at the allotments.

As they go to leave, Amy and Bailey are met by an unimpressed Denise who takes them both back to the Square, much to everyone’s delight.

At the Taylor's, Mitch breaks down and reassures Bailey that he has his job back and Bernie tells them that she has a bonus coming. When Karen later quizzes Bernie on her bonus, Bernie is forced to make up an excuse.

Determined to push ahead with the surrogacy, Bernie speaks to Rainie who gently lets her down and Bernie feels under pressure to come up with the money for her family.

EastEnders continues Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays on BBC One


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