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Bailey mugged as she continues to sleep rough in EastEnders

But can a 'family friend' lure her back home?

With Banjo by her side, Bailey sits in the underpass when some youths steal her bag and Banjo runs after them! And Keegan panics when he finds an injured Banjo.

Later, as Bailey desperately searches for Banjo, she's approached by a man called Reg who explains he was friends with her mum.

Now that they have found Banjo, Mitch and Karen get ready to continue the search for Bailey when Mitch receives a call from Reg to say he has Bailey. But when Mitch and Karen arrive, will she be there?

Later, Karen is devastated to receive a vile note. Sick of everyone judging them, Karen snaps when offered a free meal from the café.

Elsewhere, Rainie goes with Bernadette to her doctor’s appointment but it’s not all good news as the doctor tells Bernadette there are a few factors that may mean complications with a potential pregnancy.

Despite Bernadette desperately trying to convince her it will be fine, Rainie is unsure as they only have one chance.

EastEnders continues Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays on BBC One


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