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BBC Three announce new comedy drama Boarders

The six-part coming-of-age comedy drama has been created by Daniel Lawrence Taylor.

Boarders has been created and written by Daniel Lawrence Taylor, with Emma Dennis-Edwards, Yemi Oyefuwa and Ryan Calais Cameron joining Daniel in the writers room.

It follows the lives of five underprivileged black students from inner-city London who win scholarships to an elite boarding school.

Stepping out of the urban metropolis and into a world they can only describe as something out of Harry Potter, our leads will experience the highs and lows of boarding school: learning about themselves, their identity and what life on the other side looks like - which they discover is nothing like life in zone 3.

From fun and independence to pressure and competition, first crushes, forging friendships and making enemies, Boarders will look at the experience of going to a top public school from a unique perspective. These kids may be outsiders but they’re determined to prove themselves - and shake things up along the way. The new boarders have arrived.

Speaking about the new series, creator and Lead Writer, Daniel Lawrence Taylor said "As the Black Lives Matter movement continues to grow momentum, and the world is becoming more aware of black struggles in white institutions, a show like Boarders has never been more relevant or ripe for comedy."

"Working with Studio Lambert and the BBC has been an absolute joy, and I’ve also bagged myself some of the most exciting Black British voices to help me bring this show to the screen."

To which BBC Three controller Fiona Campbell added "We couldn’t be happier that Boarders will be coming to BBC Three and to be working with Daniel and this fantastic team of writers. He is an incredible talent and like the best series do, we know this one will make audiences laugh and will leave them thinking."

Produced by Studio Lambert, Boarders will be Executive Produced by Daniel Lawrence Taylor, Susan Hogg and Maddie Sinclair for Studio Lambert, and Ayela Butt and Gaynor Holmes for the BBC with Missy Howard as script editor.

Studio Lambert's Head of Drama, Susan Hogg said "We are so excited to bring this bold and original series to BBC Three and iPlayer. Daniel has the courage to tackle a tough premise through the lens of comedy. Boarders is at once heartfelt and hilarious."

Boarders will air on BBC Three


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