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Belle gets upset as her past gets brought up during a serious chat with Angel in Emmerdale

Is Tom the right person to protect her?


Jimmy and Nicola worry they’ve left their daughter unprepared for the ordeal ahead.

When Belle gets a job opportunity from Suzy, Tom gives her the silent treatment and tells her that he'd promised that she would talk to Angel about the Secure Children’s Home given her experience in one. And he makes her feel guilty at the thought of saying no.

Soon, Belle gets serious with Angel as the reality finally sets in and opens up about what other children in the SCH might be like. As Angel's fear grows, she worries that she'll face similar mental health difficulties to Belle.

Coming down the stairs in Victoria Cottage, Jimmy discovers them both upset and comforts Angel as he admonishes Belle, who flees distraught.

Upset to have had her past brought up, Belle’s even more regretful when Tom reneges to the idea that he made her speak to Angelica. And she’s grateful when he promises to protect her in future.

Emmerdale continues Mondays to Fridays at 7.30pm on ITV1


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