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Belle makes the difficult decision to go ahead with a termination in Emmerdale

But can she do so without Tom knowing?


Wracked with nerves, Belle opens up to the midwife and admits she wants a termination. Booking an appointment for a scan, Belle is crushed it's come to this.

Later, when Tom returns home, Belle quickly hangs up a call with a taxi firm and as he compliments her makeup, she strategically asks him to take a photo, clocking his phone pin.

After a little while, Tom heads upstairs and Belle unlocks his phone, trying to access his banking app to pay for the taxi.

Floored, Belle realises that Tom has been tracking her movements and she feels trapped as she fails to convince Tom to let her use the car.

Finding a spare key, Belle is unsure whether to risk it and drive herself to the abortion clinic. Reluctantly, Amelia agrees to look after Piper and Belle slips her phone into Esther’s pram.

Paranoid, Belle checks she’s not being watched and gets into Tom's car. Whilst at the clinic, Belle struggles to make sense of her situation with Tom, but is adamant she can’t have this baby.

Emmerdale continues Mondays to Fridays at 7.30pm on ITV1


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