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Ben and Jay move in together to co-parent Lexi after Lola is laid to rest in EastEnders

But with a full house, how much longer can Ben keep his secret from his loved ones?

As he attempts to busy himself with final preparations for Lola’s funeral, Billy lashes out at Honey and Jay after a meeting with the Reverend, sharing his disgust for how the Mitchell family treated Lola over the years before storming out.

Struggling to deal with his grief, Jay heads to The Vic but is soon sent home by a concerned Gina and Linda to sober up.

Later, Honey finds a dejected Billy alone outside the funeral parlour and encourages him to say a final goodbye to Lola.

When the day of Lola’s funeral arrives, Billy is nowhere to be seen.

Soon, Lola’s hearse arrives adorned in flowers and colourful messages left by the residents of Walford.

As the ceremony takes place, it's a celebration of Lola’s life with emotional speeches from Jay and Lexi.

When the residents of Walford arrive back in The Square for a celebration of Lola’s life just as she wished, a fatigued Jay retreats to No.18 desperately to record a final live stream on her channel thanking her followers for their support.

As Jay struggles to deal with his immense grief, Lexi is consumed with worry for Jay and pushes Ben and Billy away as they try and cheer her up.

Later at the Minute Mart, Callum suggests that Jay should move into their flat with Lexi but Ben dismisses the idea.

After Jay is unfazed, he and Ben have a heart-to-heart and Jay finally agrees to move in. As the family sit down for dinner it’s clear the food is making Ben uncomfortable as he starts to panic about how he’ll keep his struggles a secret from his loved ones now that he has a full house.

As Ben faces teething issues co-parenting with Jay, he's irritated when Lexi goes to walk to school on her own as it’s revealed that Lola and Jay made the decision without including him weeks ago.

EastEnders continues Mondays to Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One


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