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Ben comes clean to Lewis in EastEnders after attacking the wrong person

But can Lewis be trusted?

Ben is unimpressed as he spots that Callum's police poster has gone up and things get worse when they later find it vandalised. As Jay and Callum talk, Jay almost tells him about Ben’s vigilante actions and Ben's blood boils as he goes out looking for revenge.

As their wedding anniversary approaches, Callum suggests that they spend some time together but with the poster still on his mind, Ben avoids him.

Outside, Ben spots a man, Rich, laughing at Callum’s defaced poster and as the situation gets heated, Lewis calms Ben down and invites him for drinks at The Albert.

Meanwhile, Callum confides in Mick about the situation with Ben and when Zack arrives, he helps him get a good deal on Sharon’s old flat. Sharing the good news with Billy and Lexi, Callum shares his hopes this could be a new start for them.

At The Albert, Rich arrives to cause trouble leaving Ben raging. As Ben leaves the Albert, he thinks he spots Rich and attacks him only to realise it’s the wrong person!

As a slightly suspicious Jack questions him about what happened last night, Ben is uncomfortable and Jay spots what’s going on and confronts Ben, forcing him to admit he is responsible. Despite Jay trying to make him see sense, Ben stands by his actions.

Later in Walford East, Ben and Callum celebrate their anniversary and things look up for the couple when Ben agrees to the idea of moving into the flat. However, as they go to share the good news with Kathy, Ben’s face drops to find Jay there and he’s told Kathy everything.

Trying to defend his actions, Ben shows no remorse and as Kathy and Callum fume, Kathy tries to support Callum. What will Callum do?

Later, Lewis and Ben get drunk at Ruby’s and Ben comes clean about everything.

EastEnders continues Mondays to Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One


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