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Ben demands to know where Lewis lives in EastEnders as he seeks revenge

And when Peter discovers Ben was his attacker, can he convince Kathy to go to the police?

As Ben begins to have doubts about reporting Lewis, Kathy fusses over him and outside Ben watches Lewis and Callum having a seemingly close conversation.

Having had enough of being blamed for what happened with Lewis, Ben tells Jay that Lewis raped him and as the pair talk about the incident, Jay inadvertently puts doubts in Ben’s mind about going to the police.

As Kathy takes Ben to the station, before they get there, Ben changes his mind, worried that the police won't believe him. And Lewis is riled when Kathy fires him from his job at The Albert after what he did to Ben.

Later, Ben sends Lewis a message asking to meet and crowbar in hand, waits for him at The Arches.

But when Lewis is a no show, Ben storms over to The Albert and demands that Kathy tells him where Lewis lives.

Seeing red, Ben believes Kathy is protecting Lewis and struggles to keep his rage in check as Jay watches on.

Fuming at what Kathy did, Lewis retaliates and tells Peter that Ben is the one who attacked him!

When a drunk and enraged Peter tells Kathy that he knows it was Ben who attacked him, he wants her to prove her loyalty to him and report Ben to the police. What will she do?

EastEnders continues Mondays to Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One

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