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Ben leaves Callum waiting at the alter in EastEnders as Phil discovers the truth

Will Ballum ever tie the knot?

With pre-wedding jitters at an all-time high, Callum wakes up on the big day, facing the very real possibility that Ben won’t show up.

And it seems Kathy is of similar mind, concerned that Ben will leave Callum waiting at the altar, she encourages Phil to speak to him. Ben listens on, not showing any sign of getting ready.

As the wedding guests gather at The Vic, Phil storms in to reveal that Ben is missing. When news reaches Callum, Stuart and Vi at the register office, Stuart jumps into action and rushes out to find Ben. And as Callum waits at the altar, will Ben ever show?

Finding Ben at the Arches, Phil asks him what Callum has done. Despite Ben covering the truth, Phil later runs into Stuart who mistakenly reveals that Callum was working undercover on him, leaving Phil in a deep rage.

Will Ballum ever get married? Will Ben continue to get cold feet? Or will Phil try and stop the wedding from going ahead, now he knows the truth?

Later, Vi tells Stuart she’s going to stay in Walford but he doesn’t seem pleased

EastEnders continues Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays on BBC One


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