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Ben Mitchell Returning to Walford

And yep, you guessed it... he'll be played by another new actor, Max Bowden the sixth person to take on this role.

This spring, there’s drama in store for the Mitchells as Ben makes a dramatic return to Albert Square and he won’t be alone as he will be joined by Lola and their daughter, Lexi.

Max Bowden will be taking on the role of Ben Mitchell, a character that just like his father never seems to be far from trouble.

During his previous time in the Square, Ben was at the heart of many storylines including killing Heather Trott, his turbulent relationship with his father, Phil, and faking his relationship with Abi Branning to hide his sexuality.

On top of this, Ben had to cope with losing his one true love, Paul Coker, after they were both involved in an unprovoked homophobic attack.

Ben was last seen fleeing the country back in January 2018 after stealing the money from Aidan’s heist. However when he arrived in France, he was stunned to discover most of the money had mysteriously disappeared.

Despite the set-back, Ben had no choice but to start a life for himself away from Albert Square so just what brings him and Lola back to Walford?

Speaking about joining EastEnders, Max Bowden, best-known for playing Justin Fitzgerald in Waterloo Road said: “I’m so excited to be joining the cast of EastEnders and taking on the role of Ben Mitchell. I’ve always been a fan of the show so to be joining one of the most iconic families in soap is beyond exciting. I can’t wait to get started and see what’s in store for Ben.”

And Senior Executive Producer for EastEnders, Kate Oates, added “A character like Ben, with his rich history, ‘complicated’ family and complex psychology, is pure gold. With Max in the role, we will be exploring the aspects of Ben’s character that have been allowed to develop during his time away from the Square: unfettered by old loyalties, and out of the long shadow of his father, Phil.”


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