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Ben sells The Arches to Sharon so that she can set Keanu up with a business in EastEnders

But how will Keanu feel about her business decisions?

Phil is less than impressed with Ben as he intends to sell The Arches to Sharon. With Ben hellbent on the deal, Phil confronts Sharon to find out what she wants with the Arches and is raging when she admits she’s bought it to set Keanu up with a business.

When Sharon reveals she’s bought The Arches for him, Keanu is stunned and making his discomfort worse, Phil makes snide remarks and Keanu leaves to get some fresh air.

Later, Keanu admits he’s finding it difficult that Sharon is supporting him as it should be him taking care of her but she demands he leaves his pride at the door and grab the Arches opportunity with both hands.

As Sharon begins to worry about Keanu’s ability to run a business, Phil stirs the pot and Sharon confides in Kathy, who advises her to have faith in her fiancé.

It's not long before Sharon aggravates Keanu by hiring Reiss to look after the books so he can focus on fixing cars.

As Sharon and Keanu continue to clash over The Arches and her hiring Reiss. to make matters worse, Sonia and Reiss invite themselves over for the evening, and the couple has to reluctantly play host.

EastEnders ≈ Mondays to Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One


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