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Ben turns to violence in EastEnders

Can Sharon help Ben change his ways? And will Callum find out what he's done?

When Callum reveals that work wants him to be the face of a new campaign at work aimed at the LGBT+ community, Ben struggles to hide his concerns.

But when Kathy’s new bar manager, Lewis, supports the idea, Ben gives Callum his blessing, but Callum picks up on Ben's unease about the campaign. And Ben is later left shaken by a loud noise at the club, still struggling following Callum’s attack.

Taking matters into his own hands, Ben meddles with Callum's campaign offer, telling them he doesn't want to take part. When Callum learns what Ben has done, he's furious and as tension builds, Ben reveals he's terrified that Callum will be attacked again.

Outside, Lewis invites Ben on a night out but a group of guys heckle Lewis who casually shrugs it off and leaves. Fuelled with anger, Ben goes to follow the men but Kim interrupts as his mum needs help at The Albert.

The next day, a furious Ben spots the man who hurled homophobic abuse and drags him into the gym’s alley and attacks him. But he's caught red-handed by a stunned Sharon!

Covering for Ben, she tells Callum that she found the guy unconscious but rushes to confront Ben, telling him he can’t behave like this. Will Sharon tell Callum what really happened?

When Kat doesn't listen to her pleas to keep Ben away from Phil’s businesses as he's to fragile right now, Sharon goes behind her back and visits Phil in prison.

After telling him everything, she suggests he revisits DCI Keeble’s offer, but Phil refuses.

EastEnders continues Mondays to Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One

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