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Ben worries he'll be a bad dad to Lexi in EastEnders after Billy is horrified by his actions

Is he ready to be a full-time dad?

Over at No.18, Ben and Jay try to tempt withdrawn Lexi out for lunch. But when she tells them she wants to speak at Lola’s funeral, Ben forbids it, fearing it’ll be too much for her.

With Lexi furious, Ben breaks down in the face of her anger until Jay steps in to make peace and they agree to talk it over at lunch. And Ben reveals that he’s decorated Lexi’s bedroom, so it’s now ready for her to move in.

At Walford East, as Ben struggles with his bulimia, Jay has to take a call and heads out. With the toilets closed Ben starts panicking and leaves Lexi alone in Walford East who is devastated by the sight of a mother and daughter together and runs out into the Square.

Horrified to see her, Billy realises Ben left her by herself and lays the law down to him, telling him he needs to step up and be the dad Lexi needs.

Shaken up by the incident at Walford East, Ben backtracks on having Lexi live with him, convinced he’ll be a bad dad.

EastEnders continues Mondays to Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One


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