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Benedict Cumberbatch to Star in New Channel 4 Drama Brexit

Written by James Graham, this two-hour political thriller will explore the data-driven political campaign behind one of the most contested, controversial government referendums in modern history.

Benedict Cumberbatch (Sherlock) will star as Dominic Cummings, the leading strategist and Campaign Director of Vote Leave.

The one-off drama set primarily during the referendum, unpacks the anatomy of the historic, high-stakes campaign to win the hearts and minds of the British people and is set primarily during the referendum.

At a time when the ethics, legalities and political impact of data-mining has never been more debated, and when investigations examining possible links between Vote Leave’s campaign and data companies are making front page news, Brexit (working title) is a profoundly timely drama that brings into sharp focus the many weapons used in today’s political battlegrounds.

From political strategists and pollsters to disrupters and provocateurs – the decisions taken and platforms set out during those 8 weeks in the summer of 2016 have had reverberations throughout British politics and across the globe like no other event since the fall of the Berlin Wall. Going beyond the well-known public appearances of famous faces to peak instead behind the curtain, Brexit (w/t) will explore the anatomy of a modern data-driven election campaign, and the divisive figures driving it from the shadows.

Venturing from high street campaigning to top level political influence, and then stepping even further into the darker corners of the internet, Brexit sets out not to be an analysis of who was right and who was wrong, but rather is the story of how it happened, and why.

Writer James Graham says “I'm so excited – not to mention a little nervous – to have this chance to try and get under the skin of what happened during that historic vote. I hope by going behind-the-scenes of the campaign, we're able to interrogate the consequences of what happened during these 8 weeks that have changed the country forever. To work with this incredible team and Channel4 to bring this story to life on screen is a real honour.”

Brexit starts shooting later this year and will air on Channel 4


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