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Bernice tells Bob about Wendy and Liam's affair in Emmerdale

But will he believe her?

When Liam surprises Wendy with a night away she’s guilty as she calls Bob to let him know she’s going away.

Having had enough of what is going on behind his back, Bernice reveals Wendy and Liam are having an affair, leaving Bob stunned. Refusing to believe Bernice’s bombshell, Bob lashes out at her.

Later, an apprehensive Wendy jumps in the car with Liam. Watching them drive off, Bernice is in disbelief at how brazen they are. Out in the village meanwhile, Bob checks in with Bear about Liam’s behaviour and is stunned to learn Bear thinks Liam has a woman on the go. With this news now ringing alarm bells for Bob, he heads off to make an urgent call.

Upset, Bob reveals to Bernice he knows about the affair and has rung the hotel to confirm. As a desperately sad Bob mulls over his life, Bernice wishes she could scoop him up and make everything OK.

Meanwhile, at the hotel, Liam’s devastated when Wendy says she wants to stop the affair and heads to another bedroom. Back at the B&B, Bob’s tempted to join Bernice for the night but will he?

Emmerdale continues Mondays to Fridays at 7.30pm on ITV1


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