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Bernie leads a protest against Vinny in EastEnders

And her heart breaks for Roland.

When Vinny offers Bernie her job back, Karen advises her she should rest instead. But after turning down Rainie’s offer to see Roland, Bernie gets some advice from Kim and tells Vinny she’ll return to work.

Back at work, Bernie is happy to see her old friend Molly is there but is shocked when she sees the new terms of her contract. Furious, she leads a walkout with the rest of the employees leaving Vinny stunned.

Meanwhile, over at the Panesar’s, Dotty tries to convince Suki that Vinny is more than capable of managing the business.

As Vinny tries to convince her and the others to stop protesting, Bernie spots Rainie and her heart breaks over Roland leaving her more defiant than ever.

When Vinny tells Dotty what’s happening and about not wanting Suki to find out, she steps in to help and threatens to fire Bernie. But when Dotty's plan fails, she returns with paperwork proving the contracts are legal and Bernie refuses to back down.

EastEnders continues Mondays to Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One


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