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Bernie to trial Tiffany's diet pills in EastEnders

After Keegan's success forces Tiffany to make some extra cash.

As Stuart and Rainie head to the police station about Abi, Keegan is surprised as Bernie continues her health kick. And when Karen, Bernie and Tiffany go to their first weight loss class, Karen and Tiffany are no help whatsoever so she asks them to go.

Later, Bernie sees Rainie and exaggerates how much weight she’s lost - she’s even more determined for a baby now that Abi is gone.

When Keegan is shortlisted for a street food competition, Tiffany feels dejected as he has a photoshoot and opens up to him about what to do with her life. Suggesting they set up a social page as a couple, Keegan agrees to the idea.

As Tiffany sets up her new beauty profile, she calls a beautician to help her get prepped for the shoot and at her appointment is told about fillers and botox.

Wanting to look her best, Tiffany agrees straight away, thinking only of launching her brand online and not the money. When the shoot goes well she’s happy with her decision.

Later Keegan realises Tiffany’s been left out of the article. As she tries to hide her disappointment, she meets with a friend from college and is encouraged to flog some products and diet pills to make extra cash.

Explaining about the surrogacy, Bernie offers to trial the diet pills. Floored, Tiffany reluctantly agrees.

EastEnders continues Mondays with all episodes available on iPlayer ahead of being shown on BBC One


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