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Bertie calls Daisy "Mummy" on the anniversary of Sinead's death in Corrie

Will Daisy and Daniel still move in together?

When Daisy admits that she’s uncomfortable at the idea of moving into the flat as it holds so many memories of Sinead, Daniel snaps at her. But when Adam reveals that tomorrow is the anniversary of Sinead’s death, Daisy feels terrible.

The next day, on the anniversary of Sinead’s death, Daniel takes Bertie to Victoria Gardens before dropping him off with Beth and heading for the Rovers where he tells Daisy it has been an emotional day but he’d very much like it if the three of them could live together. Daisy tells him she’d like that too.

Calling at the flat with Bertie, Beth recounts their day together and when Bertie calls Daisy “Mummy”, Daniel’s surprised whilst Beth’s horrified. Confiding in Jenny how Bertie called her “Mummy”, Daisy tells her she’s not sure she’s ready for such a commitment. When Jenny warns her that she’ll regret it if she walks away. What will she do?

At the same time that Daisy prepares to move in with Daniel, he prepares to move into the Rovers with her! And Paul offers Daniel's old room to Dee Dee whilst Glenda eyes up Daisy’s room at the Rovers.

Colliding on the street, each carrying their worldly possessions, Daniel reveals that he thought he was moving to the Rovers, whilst Daisy reveals that she thought they were moving into his house.

When it dawns on them that they’ve nowhere to live, Ken offers to put them up at No.1, leaving Tracy fuming.

Coronation Street continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV

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