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Bethany returns to Weatherfield and sleeps with Daniel in Corrie

Could the two reunite for good? And how will Daisy feel?

As Daniel heads home on New Year's Eve, his face lights up when he spots Bethany. Meanwhile, Jenny urges Daisy to go and find Daniel and patch things up with a New Year’s kiss. What will she find?

With Daniel seemingly already turning his attention to old flame Bethany, Daisy tells Jenny about her humiliation and Daisy perks up when Jenny reveals that Waterford’s have permitted them to move back into the pub full-time while the sale goes through.

When Bethany calls at Sarah’s flat, she’s thrilled to see her daughter and at No.8. a delighted Gail suggests they celebrate with a family lunch at Speed Daal.

Across the street, Daisy clocks Bethany and points her out to Jenny who reveals that Daniel slept with Bethany last night, leaving Gail, David and Sarah all stunned.

Later, Daisy’s miffed when Jenny firmly vetoes her special offer ideas to boost custom at the pub. But when Bethany calls into the Rovers and sneeringly remarks on how empty it is, Daisy defiantly writes out a sign offering a free drink with every hotpot purchased.

And over a birthday drink in the bistro, Daniel tells Ken that he and Bethany are getting on well.

Coronation Street continues New Year's Eve to 5th January on ITV1


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