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Bethany's past comes back to haunt her as she accuses Nathan of murdering Lauren in Corrie

Is Bethany onto something?


Daniel tells Ken that he’s arranged to meet Nicky because as an ex sex-worker, she may have news regarding Lauren but Ken warns him to be careful.

As Bobby, Max, Bethany and Beth gather in the precinct to watch the police reconstruction of Lauren’s last known movements, Bethany notices a crowd of people and is horrified to recognise Nathan amongst them.

As she struggles to contain her emotions, Daniel finds Bethany at home clearly distressed. When she admits that she’s convinced she spotted Nathan at the precinct, Daniel assures Bethany that Nathan is in prison and it was her mind playing tricks.

Later, Nicky calls round and reveals that she’s off to meet a girl called Ellie who was groomed as a teenager and might have information about Lauren. 

As Daniel continues insisting it’s her mind playing tricks on her, Bethany pauses the video of the police reconstruction and zooms in to show Daniel a close up of Nathan.

In the police station, when DS Swain confirms that Nathan was released months ago, a furious Bethany urges her to haul him in for questioning, convinced he’s Lauren’s murderer.

After doing some research and discovering that Nathan is working on a building site near the precinct, Bethany and Daniel track him down and as Nathan rounds the corner, he stops in his tracks.

Shocked to come face to face with her abuser, Bethany sees red and knowing his history, and his appetite for young girls, soon hits on the idea that Nathan could be behind Lauren’s suspected murder. But when she accuses Nathan of murdering Lauren, has she got the right man?

With Roy behind bars awaiting trial for murder and Nathan keen to make out he’s a changed character since his time in prison, is the real predator still at large? Or has Nathan, the master manipulator, returned to his old ways?

Coronation Street continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV1


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