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Billy and Dawn are kidnapped after tying the knot in Emmerdale

And someone is shot as Meena points a gun. But who?

As Dawn makes her way down the aisle towards Billy, everyone's excited as there's no denying the love between them.

With Meena nowhere in sight, the two emotionally exchange their vows and the congregation erupt in joy.

But as everyone makes their way to Home Farm for the reception Billy and Dawn are nowhere to be seen.

Meanwhile, at a remote viaduct, Meena smiles as she taunts Billy and Dawn with her gun, leaving Billy horrified when she tells him about the little game they are about to play where he gets to either save himself or Dawn. And if he doesn't decide, Meena threatens to kill them both.

As Billy tells Dawn that he would always take a bullet for her, Meena points the gun and fires and someone is shot.

It starts to dawn on the villagers that Meena is back and as more than one life hangs in the balance, has Meena’s luck finally come to an end?

Emmerdale continues weeknights at 7pm and Thursdays at 8pm on ITV


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