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Billy forced to choose between Honey and Janet's agent Estelle in EastEnders

Whose side will he take?

After Honey asks Billy to take Janet to her photoshoot, he meets Janet’s agent, Estelle who taken with Billy, invites him for a drink to which he accepts.

As Janet’s shoot comes to an end, she tells Honey that she enjoyed it but the other children treated her like a baby. As Honey comforts her, Estelle comes over and asks for permission to go on a date with Billy.

When another mother approaches Honey and makes a passing comment about how much the children get paid, Honey is taken aback as the figures are not adding up.

In the Minute Mart, Estelle arrives and Honey boldly asks why Janet is being paid less than the other children but Estelle fobs her off.

And later at Ruby’s, Honey is badmouthing Estelle, not realising Billy and Estelle are on their date overhearing everything. Honey demands that Estelle tell Billy she paid Janet less than the other children but Estelle denies it and Billy believes Estelle leaving Honey infuriated.

But when Honey threatens Billy with cancelling Janet’s shoot if he doesn’t resolve Janet’s pay issues with Estelle, whose side will Billy take?

EastEnders continues Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays on BBC One

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