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BILLY IS JEALOUS of Honey and Finlay's closeness in EastEnders

Will he ever get his true love back?

Seeing Finlay and Honey together at the Minute Mart, Billy grows jealous.

When Sonia spots Kim avoiding Honey, she confronts her, insisting that she pay Honey the money she is owed from their bet. But having said no to a date with Finlay, Honey confesses to Kim that she lost the bet, which pleases Billy.

Despite Billy getting frustrated with the level of noise coming from Felix and Finlay’s stall, he comes to their aid when Mr Lister attempts to shut down their stall.

At the market, Billy and Whitney try to teach Finlay some useful seller’s ‘lingo' and later at The Vic, Finlay lets Billy know that he has cottoned onto his affection for Honey.

Admiring Finlay’s charm and confidence at the stall, Billy confides in him that Honey is the only woman for him and Finlay wonders what he can do to help.

EastEnders continues Mondays to Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One


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