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Bob rejects Jimmy's apology vowing never to be friends with him again in Emmerdale

What does the future hold for Nicola and Jimmy?

As Angelica prepares to return to school for the first time since the accident, Jimmy apologises to Bob who vows they will never be friends again. Listening to Bob rant about Jimmy, Wendy urges him to put an end to this, for Cathy’s sake.

Later, Jimmy and Nicola are left feeling anxious by the mention of a home visit from the Youth Justice Service and Nicola’s shocked when Charles refuses to give a character reference for Angelica. When Nicola brings up her past with Naomi, he's appalled.

As the Youth Justice visit looms, Nicola dreads the day. Will they manage to impress Rachel, the Youth Justice Worker?

Following the visit, Jimmy, Nicola and Angel are left apprehensive about all that lies ahead. 

Meanwhile, it’s the twins’ birthday and Bob and Brenda try to keep their grief from Cathy. And when Angel offers an olive branch to Cathy, they grieve in silence together.

Emmerdale continues Mondays to Fridays at 7.30pm on ITV1


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